my kitten ran away :(



Having a pet lost is probably one of the worst feelings to ever experience in your life.  I’ve been through funerals of loved ones, deaths of friendships, family members that are ill and nothing really seems to come close to this type of pain, I wouldn’t ever want to wish this upon anyone. Everyday becomes another investigation of two steps forward, one step back… but I’m trying not to give up hope. Please if you may pray Lenny is safe and send some good thoughts my way, that my little boy comes home soon.


Cat People by Cujo

Cat Piano by Seabear

Cat Faces by Ugly Casanova

Cat On The Wall by PJ Harvey

The Love Cats by The Cure

Black Cat by Ladytron

Cat Claw by The Kills

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  1. Hannah

    What a coincidence, just today the friend’s cat lost at this day of the year just found today who is being rescued by a friendly old couple 8 miles away. The cat was an escape artist and being found with fear maybe other animals chase him.. Wishing you guys for a wonderful ending too finding your lost pet..


    Our 9month old kitten ran away?4/19/2010 He is really a outside cat but does not leave the area in eye sight from home. Lots of wooded area near by . Not many (4)houses. No one has seen him . Has all shots and fixed.We are devistated.We call him all the time. scared an animal might have got him So glad to read the Lenny story of hope and safe return. Please think of Smokey Joe and pray for his return safely.Thank You T&T SHAFFER

  3. musicisart

    thank you all so much for being there, and the kind support. right now, lenny is sweetly sleeping on the bed and i’m still in shock that he’s here. what a sigh of relief!

    the other night, i sat outside for a few hours, with some mackerel and heard a kitty crying. it was lennon! it took a lil bit of time to get him to come over but luckily, the food lured him in and he immediately was picked up, brought inside.

    what’s so crazy about this whole story is eight days ago, he ran from the vet’s parking lot which was pretty far from our actual condo and somehow ended up in this area, alive and well! so thankful and so happy to have him home.

  4. maddie

    salems a crazy cat. Don’t worry, I have high hopes Lenny will soon return home. Salem uses me for food and a place to sleep and a house to spray on, and every once in awhile he shows a little love. >.<

    but lenny is probably a nicer cat.

    I remember my first cat, kiki…she was the best. A nice and gentle cat..then one day my mom let her outside for awhile and she never came of the saddest days of my life.

  5. Jeff

    So sorry to hear about this. 🙁

    It is a good sign that you’ve at least spotted him, though. Don’t give up hope! I wish you the best in being able to get him back in the house where he belongs.

  6. musicisart

    thank you so much for the kind words. i’ve been able to spot lenny in the past few days which is such a good thing, to know he’s OK and alive. put out a live trap yesterday, baited with mackerel and almost lured him inside, but he heard a noise, bolted.

    this has been one of the worst experiences of my life… so frustrating when he’s so close yet so far, just want him to come home soon.

  7. Susan

    Best wishes that your kitty will return. I had one go thru a window screen just hours after I got him (his previous mommie developed allergies to him during her pregnancy). I was lucky and got him back. I spotted him 2 days later, but he ran from me. I kept putting out food though. Two weeks later, my grandmother suggested a live-trap. A local feed store rented them (some veterinarians do also!). I had one false alarm getting a neighbor’s cat. But one night I came home from work and I had him back! Very skinny, missing a claw and shedding like crazy from the stress, but overall healthy. I hope your story will turn out as happy! Thanks for sharing the songs.


    I’M SO SORRY!! gr8 cat songs:

    cats in a bag the Luyas

    private life of a cat the LK

    you will find me where you left me cats on fire~ not a cat song sry

    i am so so so so so so sorry. most return i promise. it loves you and probably found a den of rats and is eating them all and dreaming of you the ENTIRE time, just really hungry and happy and coming back so soon. 🙂 PROMISE

  9. Cantaloop

    A prayer and a thought, if that helps. Keep going; love from pets always deserves it.

  10. maggie may

    hi, i’ve been a regular subscriber to m.i.a. for a while now, but this is my first comment. from personal experience, i know that there are really no words that will make you feel better in this situation. that being said, though, i encourage you not to give up hope.

    my 4 year old cat, mimi, got out one night last summer when the back door was accidentally left open for a few hours. she didn’t have a collar on, she had never been outside a day in her life, and as i had just recently moved, she had never even seen the outside of my new house.

    of course, i did the usual proactive things, such as poster the neighborhood w/her picture, go door-to-door, file a report with animal control, visit the animal shelter daily to check for her…all of which were heartwrenchingly difficult. i got all of the neighborhood kids involved, as they were outside on their bikes all the time. this was also hard, since one little boy kept coming to my house with false alarm cat-sightings that had me scaling backyard fences (of course, he also told me he often communicated with spirits in his room!).

    at any rate, after a week or so, i had all but given up. i continued putting food and water bowls in the backyard, just in case. i also refused to close my bedroom windows, in the event that i might hear her one night.

    on day 15 of her being gone, i was on the phone in my bedroom, telling a friend about my broken heart. i heard meowing in the backyard, and i flew outside, and there mimi was, in my backyard. she was thinner and dirtier, but not harmed at all. i’ll never know where she was during those 15 days, or how exactly she found her way back. (according to the research i did, cats instinctively use the angle of the sun’s rays to find their way back home, even if they’ve never physically seen the exterior of their home.) i think she may have also heard my voice that night, too.

    i’m not sure where you live, but have faith that your cat will come back. they’re intelligent, hearty, and even the most pampered domesticated cat is still able to rely on their instincts and survive ‘in the wild’ for weeks. i’ll be sending good thoughts your way.

  11. Lee

    If you need any more helpful songs:

    William Fitzsimmons – If You Would Come Back Home
    Matthew Ryan – Return To Me

    i sincerely hope those ring true. my wishes go out to you

  12. Ed

    Deepest sympathies, my wife and I have two cats and we would be devastated if anything happened to them. Please let us know if he turns up!

    Ed, 17 Seconds