national abuse awareness


I often think about this picture of Rihanna and of the way she was beaten.  It looks so painful that you can understand what she must have gone through to get there.   It always blows me away when others say they can’t imagine how it is to have been abused when most get abused or in fact, abuse themselves daily.  In my experience once you have been hurt, you see the world in an entirely different way. It’s almost a combination of sadness, strength and bright white light that blurs and clears through like a rain storm.  It becomes mind numbing, chaotic and takes so much to get through.  However as important as it is to let others know their not alone, it’s even more of a realization for others to learn to not be quiet.  The impact of this feeling could change the world if someone could just understand how to acknowledge it and wake up.  It’s taken so long to mention that this is real.


HE HIT ME (It Felt Like A Kiss)

He hit me and it felt like a kiss.   He hit me but it didn’t hurt me.
He couldn’t stand to hear me say that I’d been with someone new,
and when I told him I had been untrue, he hit me and it felt like a kiss.
He hit me and I knew he loved me.  If he didn’t care for me,
I could have never made him mad but he hit me, and I was glad.
Yes, he hit me and it felt like a kiss.  He hit me and I knew I loved him.
And then he took me in his arms with all the tenderness there is,
and when he kissed me, he made me his.


The Crystals (1962)


The Motels (1982)
Hole (1995)
Grizzly Bear (2007) ***
Spiritualized (2005)

“Gerry Goffin and Carole King wrote the song “He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)” for The Crystals (under the guidance of Phil Spector) after discovering that singer Little Eva, known for the Locomotion, was being regularly beaten by her boyfriend. When they inquired why she tolerated such treatment, Little Eva replied, with complete sincerity, that her boyfriend’s actions were motivated by his love for her.” — Wiki


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