neko case :: animals & nature

In March 2009, Neko Case released her fifth studio album Middle Cyclone. Known for her alt-country sound, smoky, sophisticated vocals, raw emotion and forthright confident attitude, lyrically and musically, nothing compares to the beauty of Neko’s music.


This Tornado Loves You
People Got A lot of Nerve

“Things like animals and nature, they’re located in the tender receptor of my brain. And I’m just now trying to come to terms with the notion of loving people as much as I love those other things – because I grew up in a way that made me love the one but not the other. So, I guess I’ve been working that out for myself, and these songs are my way of reconciling those feelings.”


(All photos are credited to Kutie Magazine – Victoria Renard)

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  1. bob

    I know this isn’t her site but maybe she’ll see it someday. ^_^

  2. bob

    I became an instant fan this morning when I heard you on the NPR news game show “Wait-Wait Don’t Tell Me” with Peter Sagel. You were so witty and funny I just had to look you up on the web and hear more of your music. By the way, your free pianos from Craig’s List made me laugh! You’re awesome girl, I wish that was me who got to meet you after the show instead of your cousin. I really hope you get this note.
    your newest fan- bob

  3. Mattson

    This country needs vintage. Remember substance and longevity, its a dying breed!