never said goodbye . . .

i’m somewhere i don’t want to be
the city’s moving over me
but i think i’m going to stay
please don’t be alarmed
i’m at the start of something

five years ago, cerys matthews was apart of the brit-pop group canatonia. after experiencing an emotional breakdown and checking herself into rehab, cerys decided to take a musical solo journey of her own. in 2003, after spending some time in the south and gathering support from friends like bob dylan, she released her first solo debut *cockahoop* sharing a darkness that had never been revealed in her music before. this summer, cerys released her 2nd album *never said goodbye*, carefully illustrating herself as if all her words and ideas were written upon scattered and torn journal pages. unlike her prior vulnerable and acoustic debut, cascading drums and deep bass flow providing a complex yearning that clearly shows a new feeling of simplicity.

streets of new york [never said goodbye 2006]

2 Responses

  1. mjrc

    oh god, this is so perfect. i was listening to it and couldn’t remember where i found it, and then i saw it came from you, and i was like, of course it did. thank you.