Nick Cave and Neko Case covers the Zombies

Greetings from California! It’s been a little bit of a traumatic start to a new life out here in the Wild West but things are actively moving closer to the ways I’ve always wanted them to be. I have been pursuing my love of making jewelry for my line Couture by Lolita, and have been busy freelance writing for a few special Hollywood interviews soon to be published in the Summer 2011 issue of Fault Magazine!

It’s nice to be in a new city and going for everything that I love as I feel it’s the only true way to enjoy your life. Please excuse my length of absence as cross country relocations, sometimes can lead to blocked creativity. As I’m on the hunt for a place to live here in Los Angeles (anyone know anyone who has a place available in any part of California?), I’ve come to learn what it really means to be apart of such a fast paced and overwhelming city. It’s hard to see the beauty in such a place of industry but by pushing that all aside, it’s realized that your not really here for the scenery, you’re here to create your life. Everyone seems to have similar dreams of becoming the next big movie actor or rock n’ roll star of Hollywood and for myself, I really just want to find my own true path of happiness. Maybe it’s here, maybe it’s not — but I’m definitely on the road to find out.


Nick Cave and Neko Case collaborated on the Zombies 1964 classic “She’s Not There“. The track was produced with Louisiana-based musician CC Adcock and together they all created a darker, New Orleans by Los Angeles influenced version, perfectly fitting as a soundtrack for HBO’s Season 4 premiere of True Blood. Enjoy!