Nightmares On Wax :: Live :: Boston


“For me, the songs that are easy are the best. And the reason that they’re the best is that they’re complimentary to themselves as far as sonics, structure, and space. But, I don’t think these songs come from a space of logic; I think they come from a space of feeling. And feeling more than ever is vitally important to me in my life.”


[Interview with Thump.VICE]


Since the late eighties, many of us grew up listening to the soulful and experimental sounds of George Evelyn A.K.A. Nightmares on Wax. To bring the musical experience from your set of headphones to his live show is something truly to witness. This past November 16th, 2013, Nightmares on Wax performed live at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA. Not sure in how the live setup would be, it was rewarding to see Evelyn on stage with his mixer, keys, and a full band including a percussionist, and three vocalists including folk singer/songwriter Katie Gray. As a collective they took over the entire environment maintaining a groove and positive flow infusing downtempo, funk, reggae, and hip hop throughout the show. Highlights included variations of favorites “You Wish”, “Flip Ya Lid”, and the beloved “Les Nuits”. Nightmares on Wax’s latest album is properly named “Feelin’ Good”, and that is exactly how the vibe of the evening was.













Live Photos :: Daniel Blue Photography