No, Really

Singer-songwriters are sometimes considered obsolete these days. With music formulas, commercial niches and image over content, that lonely and weary looking troubadour performing on your local bar or coffeehouse could easily be sidetracked in favor of the latest top 10 CD or the chokingly pleasant elevator music. But there is still a vital place in society for the followers of Dylan, Young and Buckley, for those who would speak up in the face of silence, who through both personal and political songs provide the backdrop of the revolution. No, Really.

Perhaps not a revolution; but great personal and political folk – definitely. Her name is Hannah Clemens and she is on a mission. Coming from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, her aim is simple: help people listen – to her music, to each other, to themselves. No, Really.

No, Really

Check out No, Really on MySpace and Her album, Rust, is available for free download on or on iTunes. Even better: invite her for a tour in your area. No, Really.


No, Really – Rust {MP3} (from Rust)

No, Really – Thousand Yard Stare {MP3} (from Rust)

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