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reverie comes from the french word “rever”
meaning “to dream“.

from calgary, alberta canada, reverie sound revue was lead singer lisa lobsinger’s first creation until they disbanded in late 2004 and she then joined forces with broken social scene. lisa was known for her carefree live performances singing in barefeet lost inside her very own world of seductive harmonies, pop guitars, strong rhythms, and the occasional synth. reverie sound revue is the perfect type of music for lazy afternoons laying down underneath shady trees, feeling the sun once in awhile shining brightly through, drinking glasses of chardonnay and relaxing, dreaming the day away.

listen to ~*~
walking downtown, rip the universe, cascade

4 Responses

  1. coxon le woof

    I, like every other male in the audience I imagine, fell in love/lust with Lisa when I saw BSS. Thanks for showing us where she came from – great stuff!

  2. memo57

    This is beautiful stuff. Thank you for your pieces.
    You are truly amazing.