not really in the mood to socialize.

and you have no idea
no idea how it feels to be on your own
in your own home with the fucking phone
and the mother of gloom in your bedroom
standing over your head
with her hand in your head with her hand in your head
i will not pretend, i will not put on a smile
i will not say i’m all right for you
when all i wanted was to be good

born in montreal, martha wainwright is the sister to rufus wainwright, daughter of folk collaborator kate mcgarrigle and loudon wainwright III. growing up, her childhood was continuously surrounded by her family making music and it predominantly took over. years ago, her absent father wrote the song id rather be lonely about a period of time when martha was 14 and they lived together in new york. in 2005, she later released a full length self-titled debut album on the label drowned in sound sharing a song about him, depicting that time called bloody motherfucking asshole.

“I always felt terribly sorry for the poor woman this was about,” says Martha. “Then one time Loudon said to the crowd: ‘I wrote this song about my daughter.’ I had no idea. He really crossed the line there.” [source]

their words, mostly noises
ghosts with just voices
your words in my memory
are like music to me

i’m miles from where you are
i lay down on the cold ground
and i pray that something picks me up
and sets me down in your warm arms

on snow patrol‘s recent release, eyes open, singer gary lightbody wrote the song set fire to the third bar about martha wainwright and asked her to duet with him.

“It represents a beacon of warmth within a song about distance & trying to get to someone. I was so familiar with her album, I wrote to the dark angel Martha was but she turned out to be one of the sweetest people in the universe, which is always the way.” [source]

images. martha wainwright

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6 Responses

  1. GrandPooOfAwesome

    i’m absolutely obsessed with martha. just completely enthralled.

    you have a beautiful blog. i would like some of your awesomeness please. it’s fabulous.

  2. m

    this is such an intense song! it sounds so painfully beautiful when she sings the words “bloody motherfucking asshole” over and over. gave me goosebumps.

  3. music is art

    awww… tris, i love what you wrote. im extremely jealous you got to experience martha in a small venue… but glad you had some wonderful memories 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    “I would really love to go late night drinking with you. You’d put me under the table after several rounds and laugh loudly at both my poor performance and my funny Scottish accent. I’d smile in a hazy way, then fall down under the table again. Of all the people I will never meet, you are the one I’d most like to go drinking with…”

    I remember thinking this when I saw her play live about 2 years ago. It never happened, the drinking bit, obviously, but she did (I swear!) look me in the eye (at least once!) during her set. It was a small venue. Really small.

    Thanks D for reminding me of a great night.x