obama :: democratic nomination

rat race :: bob marley [babylon by bus, 1978]

change is such a big word. there are many different variations of the meaning but most importantly, what holds true to the defintion is that change will always be a transformation or transition from one state, condition, or phase to another. in a time of economic turmoil and war, what we need is a revolution. no matter which party wins the presidential election, a strong desire of confidence is to be expected behind our country’s supposed idea of trust.

(.and im still left undecided.)

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  1. Surgeon

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  2. W

    Obama’s the man. Our economy can’t afford another four years of Republican recklessness; our army can’t afford four more years in Iraq; our bodies can’t afford another dose of Republican health care. Obama ’08!

  3. Zero

    I’m excited for Obama but left undecided too. Are you sad that Hillary lost?