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“Our quoting for our album is: 40% Chanson, 20% R’n’R, 10% Punkrock, 3% DAF-Sequencer, 4% Jacques Dutronc-Rhythmique, 7% Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg, 1,5% Cosmonaute, 10% really old synthesizers, 10% 8-bit Amiga-sampling, 10% transistor amplifier, 1% really expensive and advanced instruments.”

STEREO TOTAL is a berlin duo comprised of the glamorous singer françoise cactus and her musical partner brezel göring. sung in the languages of french, german and english over cool synth sounds mixing eclectic, clever, melodic electronia with pop casio-keyboard punk.

at special parties dancing in seattle,
a dj friend always played great things
one spring day all we did was listen to different vinyls
stereo total being one of them
i can remember their lil extra sounds really hooked me
and i loved it.

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2 Responses

  1. danica

    yeah stereototal is one of those bands that gives life color. and i love that picture as well. brezel goring looks so david byrne meets jimmy stewart meets…disco king?