on your personal stereo…

from norway, flunk has released their 3rd album personal stereo. the trio magically has always shared an electronic progression levelling inbetween time signatures of humbled acoustics and naturally beautiful female vocals. from everything they’ve ever done mixed within their apparent relaxed sense of style.. moving forward, they maintain their steady structure of sincere and colorful emotion.

flunk make perfect music for every season but calmly bring to mind the coming of summertime, being near a quiet ocean and feeling the sunlight shining brightly like white diamonds on water…

listen to the
s i l e n c e

sit down
personal stereo

art by rafal oblinski

5 Responses

  1. spica rose novilla

    the design of your webpage is really really nice..black plus purple plus butterflies plus vines plus flowers are tantamount to a lovely and brilliant blog. as for the pix (the face of a girl where a man is standing on her mouth & the maze “thingy” with a flower and girls on it) , those has a lot more to say than what one can see. anyway, i hope the band got to visit the philippines soon. do share your music to us!:)

  2. Ample Sanity

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  3. Princess Haiku

    Your blog is one of the most beautiful that I have visited. Thank you for this vibrant, palette of shocking surrealist color and music.

  4. Myriem

    Wow – how have I never heard of this band before? Their sound is right up my alley. I really liked both of these tracks. Shame I didn’t know of them when they were in San Fran last year – I would have loved to see them live. Here’s to another US mini-tour sometime soon.