one year anniversary

yesterday, music is art officially became one year old.its amazing to go back inside the archives and see where it all began. from my crazy all over the place designs, ramblings of words to the chaotic uses of different playlists… these multi-colored levels of my mind played out like my own personal music and art journal.

my sincere apologies for the delay of new posts, as there are so many exciting things to come including a new domain, site revamp and especially designed merchandise. also to mention some wonderful interviews and meaningful features with some of my favorite people have been in the works and will proudly be showcased soon.

with all my heart, id like to send out a very special thankyou to the friends, contributors, artists and readers who have supported this lil music blog over the past 12 months. thankyou kindly for your complimentary words and for allowing me this avenue to create out and share these hidden puzzle pieces of myself; it truly means everything.

art by sophie varela

although a repeat for some, without a doubt during the past year, the most memorable musicians that made me feel alive, always inspired and lost in my headphones are…

diane cluck made me realize how beautiful simplicity can be. the way the sound of a gentle voice along with an acoustic guitar can blend so quietly making a listener believe as if they are dreaming in an entirely natural way.

save me [macy’s day bird]
held together [oh vanille]

my brightest diamond topped the list as my favorite artist of 2006. her album “bring me the workhorse” brought on an entire level of darkness and light, making me realize that yes… there still are amazing women out there in this world that project elegance and class.

robin’s jar
magic rabbit

ms john soda easily became my special secret from the berlin label morr music. stephanie bohm’s beautiful vocals surrounded every single tiny instrumental detail like a soft lullaby. all their albums spent many hours keeping me relaxed and entertained.

outlined view [notes…]
misco [no p. or d.]

the veils debut was something that triggered a calming reflection of chaos and self discovery. as finn andrews matured another year and gave in again to their second album, the veils became like a spiritual release, a sense of letting every single void fall away.

jesus for the jugular [nuxvomica]
vicious traditions [runaway found]

bonobo is truly one of the greatest collaborators of the label ninja tune. living on a completely different level than most of his peers, simon green shares a lush vulnerability full of slow and genre bending, rich textured vibrancy. in other words, pure perfection.

days to come [days…]
gypsy [animal magic]

lisa papineau is someone who i just really admire not just as a musician but as a human being. coming from the past with her band pet, evolving into big sir and projecting into her lil side projects made me truly proud of everything that she’s ever been apart of.

the end of desire [night moves]
the pistol chasers [big sir]

worm is green was found by searching for new artists at the lovely lyrics site always on the run. as i stumbled upon the beautiful scenic cover art of their debut album automagic, i knew that i had found something special. music that easily takes you away to a foreign land.

automagic [original mix]
first robot view

antony & the johnsons broke my heart and then put it back together. something about listening to lyrics that sincerely declared of how painful these feelings of being alone and unsure gave a true clarification that tragedy can only lead to strength and beauty.

river of sorrow
soft black stars [live rotterdam 2005]

radiohead will forever be apart of my life. the artwork of thom yorke’s the eraser was enough to keep me satisfied but radiohead’s recent live recordings of whats to come truly reminded me just how lucky we are to have such amazing music in our lives.

15 step
videotape [live boston 2006]

31 Responses

  1. Colin

    Just lovely work D, you seem to get the mix right everytime. One thing though, if you don’t mind me saying this, you sell yourself short. To me this site is: words + art = music. This is not to deny the importance and essentialness (?) of the art and music, but your words are the reason I keep coming back, at least. Much love for yr birthday…


    Ps, The Veils – their song ‘The Leavers Dance’ from that first album is one of those songs that can reduce my heart and my head to rubble and ash in the first 30 seconds…

  2. arabie

    I like very much your blog.
    Music is art !
    thanks for your emotions and feelings.

  3. Roland

    Danielle, this is the most visually impressive blog I’ve seen, and your content is second to none. Thanks for a great year of posts, and I look forward to many more! I hope NYC’s treating you well.

  4. Candy Minx

    Happy Birthday to my favourite music blog!!!

    I love you so much and it has bene such a good experience to coem and visit you and read your honest emotional responses to music and sound.

    Heres to many more posts and years of your blog!!!

    Plus, you are one of the first blogs I found when I started my blog a year ago…and one of the first blogs I linked so I feel a special connection!!!

    Love Candy

  5. rachel

    congrats on a year!
    i hope this blog lives on and doesn;t die out like the others; i love the concept, it’s so novel and refreshing

  6. tad

    it blows me away how you’ve created all this in just a single year. sweet!

  7. Sarah

    happy birthday and thank you so much for all that beautiful art you share with us!!

  8. Don't Need Anything

    congrats on a year!
    and this is hands down the most attractive blog on the internet. id ask it out for a drink, but it would just tell me it has to wash its hair…

  9. Duke of Straw

    congrats and happy anni! keep up the good work. thanks for everything you do and thanks for working with The Duke.

  10. Myriem

    I didn’t realize your blog was so young – happy anniversary! I stumbled across musicisart a couple months ago, and I’ve been very grateful to find it. You’ve shared a lot of interesting recs, in such enticing ways – I often look forward to your posts. Thanks for all you do, and congrats!

  11. mjrc

    congratulations! i am so thankful for your music and art and words. i love the way you put how you feel about it–this avenue to create and share pieces of myself–i know exactly what you mean. : )

    i’m excited to see the new design and everything else the coming year will bring.

  12. Zeon

    First time commentor. Long time reader. J’ adore your blog!

    Happy first anniversary!

  13. Mam'zelle Lulu

    Happy birthday ! Thanks for sharing those beautiful things and music 🙂

  14. Anonymous

    Joyeux Anniversaire à vous, merci pour ce magnifique blog. Toujours un plaisir à lire et à regarder. Très bonne continuation.

  15. snaketree

    happy birthday to musicisart and love and stuff to you pretty lady xoxox

  16. Anonymous

    happy birthday, music is art! thank you for sharing such a beautiful blog!

  17. Bushwick is Beautiful

    This blog had blown everyone else away….with love!

    You guys are at the top of the class.

    Congrats on an amazing first year.

  18. Charlie

    Happy first anniversary and I hope many more are coming. You set a standard for everybody else to admire and aspire to.

  19. Anonymous

    just to let you know that it is always a treat to read your blog. please keep it coming…