sing to the moon


british soul singer-songwriter laura mvula recently released her extraordinary debut album “sing to the moon”. full of beautiful surprises, laura mvula has created a heavenly arrangement of movie-soundtrack worthy melodies that gather from traits of gospel, acapella, r&b, funk, jazz — all against the momentum of a brilliant orchestra.

laura mvula – like the morning dew

nothing lasts but memories
the best ones seem to go by slow
tried to write the perfect song for you
then i realized it didn’t belong to me
it didn’t belong to me


artwork by joe murtagh

before getting signed to sony, laura mvula was a shy receptionist just sending out her two song demos from her work desk, hoping something would transpire. out of a sea of all the messages she sent, only one lucky person responded and easily fell for her.

the way she shares her lyrics is so personal and poignant, that you can’t help but memorize exactly the way it’s musically expressed, almost like it’s apart of you.


bonus: enjoy producer robin hannibal’s (from rhye, and quadron)
reworking of laura mvula’s “she”.

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