there is no place to go

your the meanest man ive ever seen stick to the promises man that you made me love me good

be my husband

original :: nina simone
[live. ronnie scotts. 1986]

cover :: damien rice and lisa hannigan
[live. union chapel. 2005]

cover :: antony and the johnsons
[live. knitting factory. 2001]

cover :: jeff buckley
[live. sin-e. 1993] thankyou to sand is overrated

art by lori earley

5 Responses

  1. Mina

    Hope you heard the very nice cover of My Brightest Diamond (live in Paris) ?

  2. music is art

    hey tad! its ok.. we can go crazy with the *amazing* 😉 its jeff buckley! hmmm id love to hear that version..

  3. tad

    oh what a great song. jeff buckley did an amazing cover of it too. (although saying jeff buckley did something “amazing” is a bit redundant, is it not?)