let’s go with plan b…

plan b is the seattle based creation of james van leuven. originally the drummer of post-punk band automaton, his solo efforts vibrantly have shared a welcomed change to the softer sides of downtempo. over the past few years, he has personally recorded and distributed his own work, presenting a collection of trip-hop based sounds mixed within the art of experimentation. stylized by instrumentals, hypnotic french female vocals, perfectly fitting samples, penetrating deep bass and rich textured beats provide an automatic movie-like soundtrack to simply everything new, foreign and surrounding.

i’m the captain, where we going? is plan b’s first full-length album that was recorded in 2006.  created over the years while touring the u.s. and europe, the album features guest musicians: singer amy blaschke, cellist brent arnold (built to spill), violinist jen kozel (elliot smith) and violinist sarah standard (carrisa’s weird).

backside grind part ii
the missing boat

on plan b’s myspace, please enjoy more special music to download and listen to, including these favorite songs below.


released in 2004, plan b created *un poquito de tanta verdad* as a soundtrack to the feature documentary by jill friedberg.

digan la verdad



plan b’s debut ep *like a ship sailing* was recorded in 2001 and shared on the record label luckyhorse industries.



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  1. musicisart

    awww thankyou for the kind comment… im glad you enjoyed plan b. one of my favorite lil discoveries in the past few months.

  2. Campfires & Battlefields

    My my my that’s just lovely. Thanks for introducing me to PlanB. Beautiful site by the way.