Please, remember Me

I was watching High Fidelity the other day. There is that scene where John Cusack mentions which songs he wants played at his funeral.This got me thinking about my own funeral,
songs that I would like played.
And Iron & Wine:

The Trapeze Swinger

was the only one to make the cut.
Not only is it a great long song, but the performance is emotional; the lyrics are meaningful; and it closes with a little ditty on a recorder. Also, listen for the walking bass line three quarters of the way thru. Each verse begins with please remember me and then goes on to lists ways to be remembered. A perfect nine minute epic for lowering a casket into the rich, fragrant earth.

and please remember me, seldomly
in the car behind the carnival
my hand between your knees, you turn from me
and said the trapeze act was wonderful
but never meant to last, the clowns that passed
saw me just come up with anger
when it filled the circus dogs, the parking lot
had an element of danger

so please remember me, finally
and all my uphill clawing
my dear, but if I make the Pearly Gates
Ill do my best to make a drawing
of God and Lucifer,
a boy and girl
an angel kissin on a sinner
a monkey and a man, a marching band
all around the frightened trapeze-swinger

It comes from the In Good Company Soundtrack, go buy it.

4 Responses

  1. Candy Minx

    One of my dear friends died a year ago. He had cancer when he was eight years old. Beat it, but it came back.

    At the funeral home, I noticed the music was all over the place. Unique. I asked his boyfriend. He had taken his iPod and plugged it into the funeral homes sound system. It left no doubt about the “appropriateness” of the music being played.

    I watch a fair bit of tv and at least half a dozen times in the past five years…when a character has died the music clsing the various episodes has been “Hallelujah.” by Jeff Buckley. The song has really struck a nerve with many people.

  2. Fitz

    I am quite sure I would have chosen the exact same song. One of my all time favorites…totally beautiful.

  3. Konrad

    I really have to agree with you on this.
    I will never have a funeral, and if I did…there had better be music playing the whole time (not just one song).
    That said, if I had to answer the High Fidelity question, this would be the song that I would choose as well.

    Not this version though. While this is a great song in any form, I REALLY prefer the NPR version of the song. If you can find the version of The Trapeze Swinger off of NPR…DO YOURSELF THAT FAVOR!

    In truth, I think that a wonderful “funeral” would be having my family and friends plant me and an apple tree in the ground and then sit in the shade of the tree and listen to Page France “Hello, Dear Wind” in entirety.
    A great album for a great dead guy…and then there would be punch.