please see through my eyes..

its amazing. almost 7 years ago before i ran away to new orleans, my friend petrina and i were driving around boston listening to this wonderful live mix tape of everythingpj harvey

it was my first time experiencing pj’s music, taking in her words and hearing her voice. through the gift of sharing a sense of masculine feeling within the real intensity of a true woman.. what i listened to was so raw, i really didnt know how to feel except that i wanted more. after a few extra listens and a new obsession with the album is this desire?… i gave into the magnetic, provocative and emotionally alluring realm of pj harvey. i couldnt help myself.

when i think back to eventually arriving in new orleans, i see myself wandering the french quarter alone with my headphones constantly lingering within the comfort of her music. it felt so powerful to walk down those vampire streets and to strangely feel like i was at home. the tone of her words were easy to understand and kept reminding me of something beyond important: do you know how powerful it is to be a woman unafraid of who she really is?

black sessions
paris, france ~ 1998

* highly recommended

is this desire *
civil war correspondent *
a perfect day
the wind *
meet ze monsta *
sky lit up
leah *
50ft queenie
down by the water *

i shout but he dont hear
just put down on the page
darling spare me yr tears
dear god
please send me
the light of day

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10 Responses

  1. willi

    Just found your web side. Looks great.
    But seems I’m too late the links to Polly aren’t working.
    I would be very pleased, if you could bring her up again.

    Thanks and best wishes,

  2. KB


    I love your blog, but about this post I beg to differ…have you ever seen Polly Jean live on stage? She is amazing, but I wouldn’t call her “a woman unafraid of who she really is”.



  3. Anonymous

    Today I found your blog. Found very nice music and art. I love your style!

    I would be very happy if you re-post the PJ Harvey Black Sessions.
    Thank you… Alex