on and on, i carry on…

officially on april 28, portishead released third, their third studio album in eleven years. fans all over the world were in anticipation of what was to be revealed. most immediately spoke of the music as different, something to chill or sleep or make love to. however personally, portishead was always magical music to listen to alone in my headphones to escape to. bringing me back to thirteen years old living in the nineties, when to feel any type of sadness or feeling of emotion in anything seemed uncommon, through this type of sound it seemed important to feel it all.

in listening to the new album, the first track begins with a distorted voice speaking a portugese verse of the wiccan rule of three. after an epic two minute opening of pure driven electric guitar almost screaming against pulsating tribal drums and cow bell, beth gibbons tone of voice humbly breathes in a pure form of honest lyrics and thoughtful expression until it all abruptly stops and after a repeat listening, the message becomes well received.

be alert for the rule of three
what you give is what you get back
you only get what you deserve

the rip [third, 2008]

guaranteed by the deepest thoughts of darkness, despair and inspiration, portishead blends into a brand new revelation. over a test of time, the sound becomes accustomed. favorite third tracks including nylon smile, we carry on, small and threads are held powerful to the highest degree, showcasing a real human connection of emotion, that needs to be given, appreciated and seen in an entirely different light.

.see radiohead cover portishead.

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