radiohead cover portishead

wild white horses, they will take me away
and the tenderness i feel
will send the dark underneath
..will i follow?..

a weekend for little radiohead surprises.

on friday evening, radiohead premiered a new song called supercollider at their dublin, ireland show and early this morning, an intimate backstage video of thom yorke and johnny greenwood playing acoustically the rip, truly the most beautiful song from portishead’s third album, was shared on w.a.s.t.e.

5 Responses

  1. musicisart

    awww im glad you enjoyed this cover. love that thom has been sharing such lovely renditions lately. and maybe its all in the name and the sound, but personally.. radiohead and portishead simply go hand in hand.

  2. pamela

    ahh, thanks. this is awesome. while watching portishead at coachella i kept wishing radiohead would somehow appear

  3. Sunil Glen

    My favourite band and my favourite current piece of music! incredible. Very melodic and eerie. Portishead’s ‘third’ is great. thanks for the mp3 🙂