radiohead lullabies.

if i’m ever to get married [maybe when im 35] and that moment comes that i have a child, my greatest hope is that they will carry a piece of my love of music and internally make it apart of them forever.

and what better way to begin an introduction to your favorite sounds than with rockabye baby records? they transform bands like radiohead, tool, pink floyd, bjork, pixies and led zeppelin into sweet instrumental lullabies. stripped down to bare levels of glockenspiel and vibraphone; this is baby-approved children’s music that adults may actually enjoy.

listen ~*~

2 + 2 = 5 (..sit down/stand up starts it off..)
[from lullaby renditions of radiohead 2006]

2 Responses

  1. matt

    what a fantastic idea. i went straight to d (now age 6) listening to whatever i was listening too. mezzanine was played all through the pregnancy. he seems to like sleater kinney, pjh and kaiser chiefs at the mo. as long as he just appreciates good music i don’t really care what he listens to – BUT HE MUST LOVE MAZZY!