radiohead :: thumbs down

recently, the cover of radiohead‘s “in rainbows” was released. unfortunately, no album artwork ever graced our downloaded zip file but now its nice to have something official.

its been quite the experience enjoying this entire album, taking in what is new and combining all the emotions of love, chaos and uncertainty that comes with listening to your favorite band’s recent release. only radiohead could get away with placing their music online, having their faithful fans pay as they choose and placing us all into some type of pyschedelic and colorful daze.

w e b c a s t
november 9, 2007

in support of the new album, radiohead shared their *thumbs down webcast* that nicely filtered through the modem lines last week. based in their own residential oxford recording studio, the entire band seemed to have alot of fun spinning their own favorite records, laughing, dancing and staring into the camera while changing their own physical shapes and reflections into visual rainbow watercolors.

radiohead played various cuts from *in rainbows*
and covered a few special songs including

bjork‘s unravel
new order‘s ceremony
the smiths’ the headmaster ritual

however, the true beauty and excitement of the entire show was to hear the music that radiohead actually enjoyed and love to listen to. as with all their webcasts, they have been known to share a broad spectrum of amazing personal recommendations. below, please enjoy a playlist from the dj sets that were created by each member.

near dark :: burial
pull up the people :: m.i.a.
happy happy :: tomas anderson
heart of hearts :: !!!
kill bill vol. 4 :: modeselektor

my party :: kings of leon
forgive :: burial
modern apprentice :: asian dub foundation
take it easy my brother charlie :: jorge ben
the ancient galleon :: les baxter
just dropped in :: kenny rogers & the first edition
ponta de lança africano (umbabarauma) :: jorge ben

nightclubbing :: iggy pop
my red hot car :: squarepusher

bella lugosi’s dead :: bauhaus
uncertain smile :: the the *[last song]

pagan angel and a borrowed car :: iron & wine
sun zoom spark :: captain beefheart
lessons from what’s poor :: bonnie prince billy
naxalite :: asian dub foundation
it should’ve been me :: ray charles
micael :: juana molina
alu jon jonki jon :: fela kuti & the africa 70

29 Responses

  1. JRMoreau

    I seem to be having trouble with the links to download. Any suggestions on where to find the MP3’s elsewhere would be greatly appreciated.

  2. christine

    I’m making a mix for my bro who loves radiohead and missed the webcast so this is very very rad of you to post these!! thanks!

  3. emily

    there first song is in freaking 5/4. no one does that. they blew me away with their new cd.
    and i love all of their music.
    thank you for this post.
    it’s not just a “radiohead rocks enough said” post.

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  6. Geoffrey Hickman

    Thanks so much for tracking down all these songs and making them available.

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  8. musicisart

    thankyou, ms. moka 🙂 i agree completely.. i love jonny’s taste and was expecting much more especially after listening to his prior compilations. those jorge ben, asian dub tracks are really amazing and ive been hooked on that kings of leon lil tune too 😀

  9. moka

    Excellent job compilling the tracks that each one played. Those Jorge Ben tracks on Ed’s set are amazing, best taste and best moves imho. I’ve also enjoyed Jonny’s sets on the past very much and have to say I was very dissapointed of his brief appearance, he’s the one who finally got me into Louis Armstrong’s and Neil Young’s music. Oh well, hopefully they’ll do a new one around December.

  10. schiller- Luke_Warm

    bjork’s unravel was amazing surprise (very personal song)… thanks for letting us in, to viewing a creative fun ‘hang out’ session….
    jonny whats up with the lemon?
    everything in its right place!