ready for the floor…

the core of the band hot chip, alexis taylor and joe goddard, began songwriting while studying music together at the south london elliot school. after playing around with different elements of sounds and infectious textures and producing them into a few home recorded demo eps, the label astralwerks and dfa signed them immediately and in 2004, the birth of their debut coming on strong was released. challenged by the idea of progressing, hot chip shared critical acclaim and much success with their second album the warning yet, still maintained a focused sentimental direction.

just like we breakdown (dfa remix)
[from the single: over and over, 2006]

hot chip’s third album *made in the dark* features a mixture of their catchy electropop, colorfully reflective beats and surprisingly synthesized pop ballads. the single ready for the floor was rumored to originally be created for kylie minogue to sing but unfortunately she never even heard it. the band dismissed this as a misquotation and said that if kylie was to be given one of their songs to sing, this would be it. however, after experiencing duffy‘s cover and performance live recently for radio one — a comforting, addicting and soft, feminine approach has completely taken over.

l i s t e n

original:: hot chip
cover:: duffy
remix:: soulwax dub
mashup:: smoothed out on an r&b tip version

artwork by brian taylor
(originally from scotland, brian taylor is inspired by the world of vintage cartoons, films and novelties. his illustrated prints may be purchased through blue flip art, sharing a percentage of proceeds towards his favorite charity.)

10 Responses

  1. paula

    wow! very nice remixes
    My favorite, duffy.
    i´m very in love whit this band.

  2. soft.

    art is real nice, and the remixes are pretty good- soulwax generally always seem to be spot on. the duffy one is just a standardly boring radio 1 hyped cover, slow uninteresting and dull- trying to imitate corin bailey rays cover of editors which was actually really good. who is this duffy girl? which pot of media controlled gold did she spring from??