ready, set, glow.

when bradford cox was in sixth grade, he learned to use a karaoke machine to multi-track and record his own music. growing up in athens georgia, bradford spent an entire childhood summer bravely having operations in relation to his marfan syndrome. taking in all that he went through, bradford loved creating out his own work under the name atlas sound and eventually became the lead singer of the five-piece band deerhunter. most have described his overall sound as transcending, intense, emotionally powerful and religious. although each musical project has their eccentricities, both maintain that hypnotic feeling of a different place and another time.

by publishing his own blog weekly, bradford shares stories, personal words and fan mail, then kindly relates it all to a new atlas sound song he’s attached to enjoy. there are so many good choices to listen to, these are some of my personal favorites.

dog named apollo [january 28, 2008]

only love can break your heart (mix 2) [october 17, 2007]

when they talk [november 29, 2007]

images:: atlas sound’s album let the blind lead those who can see but cannot feel, press photo of deerhunter and deerhunter’s album cryptograms.

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  1. indiequick

    I was recently introduced to the Atlas Sound, and as a fan of Deerhunter, I think this is such a better project. Though they just had an album release, I can’t wait to see what he comes out with next.