remember, you’re a superstar.

britian’s trip-hop mastermind tricky has just released his eighth studio album knowle west boy on domino records. after a five year hiatus while experiencing life in los angeles, tricky moved back to the uk to produce his solo effort bringing back memories of his favored past. contemplated in his childhood, haunting whispers, smokey bass blues, hip-hop beats, and two-tone post punk and reggae samplings conjure up the reality of everything tricky has overcame.

l i s t e n

past mistake
council estate [drums of death remix]
council estate [outlaws vip monster remix]

4 Responses

  1. YogaforCynics

    I’m psyched to hear it. I thought Tricky disappeared off the face of the earth (which I guess may be my own fault, since apparently he’s been releasing albums all this time. Last time I was paying attention, he only had two–and now he’s up to eight???!!!) but then just saw he’s playing the Trocadero in Philly next month.
    I’ll manage your language
    and in the meantime
    I’ll create my own….

  2. Marie

    Beautiful site. I share the same passion of the arts. Thanks for letting the world know about Tricky!