jimmy gnecco of ours & i

over seven years ago in providence, rhode island, this picture was taken by my friend erin caruso. at the time, erin and i didn’t even know one another; however like synchronicity, everytime we ran into one another at an ours show, we’d happily smile and say hello like we had known each other for years.

after this one particular show, some fans were hanging outside of ours tour bus and i was lucky enough to enjoy the moment. a boy had asked jimmy if he could play the song meet me in the tower because it wasn’t on that night’s setlist, and we all were able to appreciate a very special impromptu acoustic session. 

a few months later, erin kindly surprised me with this black & white picture and to this day, it still takes me back to that exact moment of closing my eyes, feeling completely content and peaceful.

.see ours live.

july 13, 2007 montreal, que @ le gymnasetickets

july 15, 2007 boston, ma @ paradise lounge… tickets

july 17, 2007 philadelphia. pa @ northstartickets

july 19, 2007 new york, ny @ highline ballroomtickets

10 Responses

  1. amy elizabeth

    I miss you. I hope LA was beautiful. It’s time to get back on the W (writing) train and I’m willing to go full speed. Any ideas? I would love to contribute. Ever get your Jimmy interview?? Please call. lots of love.


  2. musicisart

    thankyou 🙂

    loved the teenbeaters release, but i really miss dave being apart of ours, know alot of the fans do too.

  3. Jay Engle

    I always thought that Zam and Dave were the real talents in that band, which is why the Teenbeaters were better.

  4. mychelle

    That’s a great photo, and it’s so cool to see people still supporting Ours after all these years. I had the privilege of interviewing Jimmy after the recent 2 night Chicago stand, and he didn’t disappoint. If you’re interested, check it out at:

    This is a great site (and pretty too!), and I only wish I’d discovered it sooner because I’d love to have some of the black sessions you’ve previously posted!!! Just stunning stuff!

  5. Angela

    BTW…you look lovely , smiling – content as can be – in your dark lipstick. You can tell it was a blissful moment for you. As it would have been for me. 🙂

  6. Angela

    That is so awesome!!! Jimmy is such an incredibly sincere guy towards his fans. He truly is greatful and appreciates us! And that in turn makes us love him that much more.