remembering 911…

eight years ago, a part of our country died.   the very essence of new york, the greatest city in the world was intended to be taken away from us.  i remember that day so well too, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, it was so beautifully clear and blue.

after watching the 9-11 memorial this morning, it feels like being apart of such an emotional funeral.  the way the faint sound of the cello plays ever so gently behind each remembered lost life offers, such a delicate background to everything and everyone who surrounds.

it seems to always rain now on this day each year and those that are standing under umbrellas, have a look of such sadness that still sits upon thousands of faces all over the world.  it’s nice to see new york city fall so silent and humble in remembrance today.  how each attendee wears a white satin ribbon in honor of someone they lost, while their hands are holding on so tightly to brightly colored roses that are brought down deep inside of the world trade center and placed in a fountain of water to rest, then form a pattern of lines that shape each loved one’s memory.

then watching the new york police department carry the world trade center’s original american flag that is so tattered and torn, but still amazingly all in one single piece.  it seems so powerful to see how strong that flag is and makes one realize how much it has really taken to restore this beautiful gotham city.

there’s not one day where most don’t think about 9-11.

there’s not one morning where most don’t wake up and feel it.

or hurricane katrina

even virginia tech,

it’s all still raw.

these tragedies have been wake up calls.  the days when it’s possible to actually forget about being selfish, and understand the sorrow of someone else.  its that warm feeling that makes it truly believable in how important it is to be kind to people, and follows within a realization of how great our country can be when we are united and care about each other as one.


artwork by eduardo recife

listen saeglopur by sigur ros [takk, 2005]


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