rest in peace, amy winehouse

Yesterday, the world lost the golden voice of Amy Winehouse.

It’s been a sad weekend thinking of her life of the tough addictions she tried to survive with, and listening back on her soulful music that became known so quickly. Her catchy and melodic hooks inside tones of such funky blues, made audiences become instantly addicted to her sounds. As a whole we watched her publically struggle as her fame rose, and it seemed almost all too powerful for even a singing powerhouse to control. Personally when others would discuss Amy Winehouse, it was easy to withdraw from others negativity as it was important to realize there was a tragic sense of pain that this woman was desperately trying to overcome.

Amy Winehouse loved to sing; her strong harmonies were one of the greatest catharthisis that seemed to get her through, and others who instantly related to her gravitating sounds. As a teenager, Amy went to the same UK performing art school as songstresses Adele, Duffy, and Leona Lewis. All girls definitely strove for the same type of passion in their vocals, and earned their own notability for what they contributed to our music industry. However different in their own way, Amy had an old-soul intensity from the rest that showcased a complete vulnerability displayed as pure, genuine, and original.

When a musical great passes away, their music seems to enhance to a sacred degree. Strangely aged the same as her predecessors Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin before, each died in their own devastating way at the age of 27, and are known as apart of the Forever 27 Club. As Billy Joel use to sing “Only the good die young…”, maybe it’s true as their music was too rare for those that couldn’t understand it. Luckily for those that did with Amy Winehouse, we are left with her debut album Frank, and sophmore album Back to Black which will always hold a special place in our musical hearts.


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Amy Winehouse – October Song
(Frank, 2003)

Amy Winehouse – He Can Only Hold Her
(Back to Black, 2008)

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