HBO GIRLS and Robyn Releases a Sample of New Song Honey

As the beloved HBO show GIRLS comes to an end, each scene and song in the background creates a soundtrack of moments. By connecting all the emotions of the script into a meaningful place, the one thing that ties it together is the music. It’s hard to transcribe all the beauty within the expressions of the actors, the writing, and the maturity in which every single character has developed and grown. GIRLS has become in essence an everyday girls’ journal to memories of our own lives when this show first began. With the show, the fans who have watched for the last five years has struggled within their own self insecurities, and found themselves still struggling at the end, but with a bit more wisdom and hope.

In last night’s episode, the closing song chosen was created specifically for the show by Swedish songstress Robyn. GIRLS creator Leah Dunham personally spoke with musician Robyn about the closing song for the set scene in GIRLS Episode 58 “Full Disclosure.” The scene shows main character Hannah watching a movie self-directed and starred in by her ex-boyfriend featuring a scene surrounding a moment of their past relationship. The feeling showcases the reality of how naive, nervous, intense and confusing it can be of having young feelings in the very beginning. Then to look on it years later, watching it as a memory of what it truly meant between them. Although Robyn wasn’t finished yet with the song Honey, Leah knew instantaneously by the samples that Robyn sent her, that it was a perfect fit to this scene.

Love is Free

Listen to Robyn – “Honey”

Enjoy a sample of Robyn’s new song Honey featuring the ending lines in the last scene of GIRLS Episode 58: Full Disclosure.

In between prepartion of her new studio album, Robyn has been collaborating her talents with the electronic likes of artists Royksopp, Kindness, La Bagatelle Magique, and The Black Madonna for her latest releases. Each time Robyn shares her work, there’s a true meaning held behind her vocals. It’s obvious that Robyn feels what she sings about. That is the beauty of what can be discovered within her style. Whether she’s giving disco, Chicago house vibes, or slowing it down acoustically with a few gently piano keys, it’s done to the point of heartbreaking clarity. Robyn is able to physicially give everything of herself musically and that is what stands out.

Listen to Royksopp & Robyn – Do It Again (Moullinex Remix)

When Royksopp & Robyn get together, it’s always magic. (2014)

Listen to Robyn & Kindness – Who Do You Love (Wolfgang Voight New Romantic Remix)

One of Robyn’s latest collaborations with Kindness created a somber type of beauty.

Listen to Robyn & The Bagatelle Magique featuring Maluca – Love Is Free

Robyn and Maluca were hanging out one day and decided to just create this together for the fun of it. An improv night so to speak turned into a dance party.

Listen to Robyn – Indestructible (The Black Madonna Remix)

Robyn’s Indestructible presented the ultimate strength left behind in a heartbreak. Producer The Black Madonna extends the beauty allowing for more dedication to each string element and adds an danceability that turns such an emotional song into something you want to keep moving to.