Röyksopp & Robyn :: A Match Made in Heaven


Norwegian electronic music duo Röyksopp and Swedish recording artist Robyn are a match made in heaven. They have previously collaborated on well-received songs “The Girl and the Robot” and “None of Dem”, however, they released this year the Do It Again EP and created a special 2014 summer tour together.

‘Do It Again’ Tracklisting:
1. Monument
2. Sayit
3. Do It Again
4. Every Little Thing
5. Inside The Idle Hour Club


“This summer we’ll be teaming up with the amazing Robyn to partake in a series of concerts throughout the world. Performing together is something we’ve occasionally done in the past – all to such merriment and exuberance, that we’ve decided to reunite and “Do It Again” in 2014. Each of these events will consist of a Robyn-part, a Röyksopp-part and of course a joined Robyn+Röyksopp-part – all wrapped up in lights ‘n smoke and tons of joy. To say we’re excited, is an understatement.” – Röyksopp

‘Do It Again’ tour dates below: 
August 15      Pukkelpop (Belgium)
August 20      Pier 97 (New York, NY, US)
August 21      Wolftrap (Washington, DC, US)
August 22      HB Pavilion (Boston, MA, US)
August 24      Pritzker Pavilion (Chicago, IL, US)
August 25      Echo Beach (Toronto, ON, Canada)
August 30      Zurich Open Air (Switzerland)

We’ve done shows together here and there and it’s a pleasure to be on tour with Svein & Torbjørn. I love them. I can’t say much about my set right now – I’m working on a lot of music at the moment and whatever is finished might be something I put into the set list. As usual I just hope people want to dance. I see pink lasers.” – Robyn

Ivan Alifan (11)

The latest offering is the epic 10 minute single Monument which begins the EP and acts like a brilliant departure for the duo showcasing a strong individuality to their latest endeavors. The video for the single Monument is a sci-fi inspired film that was shot by director Max Vitali, produced by VICE and Intel’s The Creators Project.

Röyksopp & Robyn – A Monument To Everything (Kindness mix feat. Busiswa)

Kindness has remixed Monument, taken from the Do It Again mini-album.

“I played ‘Monument’ to Adam (Kindness) a long time ago way before it was finished, so he´s heard it grow and when he said he´d like to remix it, I knew he was going to make something special. He brought the song to a new place, his place. It´s a place that I love. Busiswa sounds so good on it too, I´m happy to have another girl on there.” Robyn


We should not be friends 
We’ll just do it again
If you stay around 
We’ll just do it again

Röyksopp & Robyn – Do It Again (Moullinex Remix)

Moullinex has remixed Do It Again, taken from the Do It Again mini-album.

[Artwork by Ivan Alifan]