Run the Jewels


El P and Killer Mike have been creating hip hop music underground on their own for years. Almost four years ago Cartoon Network/Adult Swim’s creator Jason DeMarco decided to create his own record label and introduce the dangerous duo to one another. The chemistry lead to a few singles and they formed the force to be reckoned with Run The Jewels.

In 2013, Run the Jewels created a free downloadable and self-titled album via label Fool’s Gold, and a physical album release through Mass Appeal Records. Then they followed with Run the Jewels 2 late last October and received a great response beyond anything they had ever released individually before. By exposing them to new listeners and merging rap with alternative sounds, they finally received the admiration that diehard fans had always celebrated. With guests ranging from Zack de la Rocha to Travis Barker, the album was full of intense verses, sick beats, poetic emotion, heavy layers all blended inside a futuristic and dark natured production.


Run the Jewels :: Close Your Eyes (Count to Fuck)


Run the Jewels :: Oh My Darling Don’t Cry


Just this past weekend Run the Jewels performed live at the Coachella festival in front of hundreds of thousands of people and were blown away by their audience’s reaction.

In celebration of Record Store Day, Run the Jewels released a brand new track “Bust No Moves” on an exclusive 12″ vinyl featuring 3 other past rarities. Listen here.