sailing downstairs to the northern line


which will


pink moon

art by

leroy davis

9 Responses

  1. platytune

    yay! so far i’d only been able to hear the streaming versions, so thank you very much.

    but i have to say, while beck does a fantastic job, i can’t help but prefer covers where the musicians explore a new take on the song (ex. cowboy junkies’ version of “sweet jane”).

  2. prettypistol

    that rules

    steph is saying, next to me,
    “i like the stuff she does.
    i’ve downloaded some nice ones,
    from her stuff.”

    it made it good.
    so i’m glad.

    and beck is great.

    klergin, big klergin, is in steph’s lap,
    and he’s loving it.

    hahahahah and now he’s tapdancing

  3. joshua

    hey man –
    great finds!
    beck+drake= ahhhh….. sweetness.
    great art too. where’d it come from?

    first link doesn’t work, by the way.