Sampha | No One Knows Me Like The Piano


Art by Babeth Lafon

A Female Uber Driver Shares Sampha with a Passenger

“I was driving for Uber in Boston and picked up my first passenger Adam – a young 24 year old that needed a 20 mile ride to work in the rain. He asked to sit in the front and told me he usually takes the train daily and then the bus but decided today he wanted to be in a warm car. I told him I understood, welcomed him in and turned up the heat and a little background music.

As we drove off he thanked me for giving him a ride, and tells me that most people end up canceling their rides when they see where he lives in Dorchester and see him. He told stories of different Uber drivers he had that told him the same story.. how people can be so judgmental all due to the color of their skin. As we kept driving, Adam began to open up about his line of work at a daycare for autistic youth and adults. He was so positive about the people he worked with, how brilliant those with autism are and although it was intense for him with bite-marks on his arm from the patients and strategies involving quick thinking, he loved his job and caring for people.

Adam proceeded to tell me that working there challenged him to be stronger, and to be a better person but his true love had always been singing. I asked him what he enjoys to listen to, and he told me smooth R&B, soulful voices, and hiphop. Then I decided to enter my music library and told him about an emerging artist named Sampha. He hadn’t heard of him before, and I was excited to share Sampha’s latest single “(No One Knows Me) Like The Piano”. After a few seconds, he turned to me and said wow, this is exactly the style I love. As the song went on, and we arrived at his destination, we sat in the car in silence until the song ended. Tears started to well up in his eyes, and he took my hand, kissed it and said thank you so much for sharing this with me, you made my day. And as he left, I began to cry too. You never know how much impact you can leave vice versa just by the simplest act of being kind.”

Sampha | Process

No one knows me
like the piano
in my mother’s home..

Sampha‘s long awaited debut album ‘Process’ is set to be released on February 3rd, 2017th. The latest single “No One Knows Me Like The Piano” was created a few years ago when Sampha went back home to London to take care of his ill mother. Growing up the piano was always an important outlet in Sampha’s creation process. Inspired once again when he moved back home, the piano became an especially cathartic and familiar friend. This allowed Sampha to express his feelings through his music during the emotional process of care taking of a parent until the place we never think we thought we’d see, their untimely death.


Listen to a single Sampha released late summer of 2016 titled “Timmy’s Prayer” here.