save yourself.

.i can see right through you.

mind over time
interpol [our love to admire, 2007]

dancing behind my eyelids
mum [go go smear the poison ivy, 2007]

i saw the bright shinies
the octopus project [tbd, 2007]

dirty little secret [thievery corp remix] 
sarah mclachlan [bloom, 2005]

writings on the wall again
the album leaf [into the blue again, 2006]

first date jumble sale
isan [live, draumar um kalt sumar, 2006]

trentemoller [the last resort, 2007]

all we have broken shines
brightblack morning light [self-titled, 2006]

art by david stoupakis

19 Responses

  1. Ryan

    I just read your review of PJ Harvey’s “Uh Huh Her” on Amazon. I’m from the Seattle area myself. You are correct – they are the most amazing waters you’ll ever see ). This is a great looking site, by the way.

  2. Fernando

    You Know about MadreDeus.
    I recommend to you that you listen to them. They are wonderful
    Thank you so much for all your post

  3. Moka

    Thank you so much for this post, the first three songs are flawless, I love them. Where are you D?

  4. Katherine

    Please come back soon. MusicIsArt. is honest and beautifully said from the heart. I know things are busy but this place is so important, you’re different than any other music blog out there!


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  6. unica

    I was taking some pieces here as they were spotted by the hype-tool but today I started watching this blog and I found a work that was made after Ernst Fuchs. Is your version made in oil on canvas? Beautiful … will be back to study all of this.

  7. Princess Haiku

    Your blog is compelling and I am coming back for a long visit to have a huge listen. When I was watching the World Music Awards, last night I was thinking about your blog. It is one of the best music blogs I have encountered.

  8. futuregrrl

    this is a visually and emotionally stunning post, beautiful work 🙂

  9. mjrc

    i keep coming back to this post, it’s very compelling in a quiet, insistent way. hope all is well. : )

  10. musicisart

    sorry there anthony, its actually only on the japanese release of *our love to admire*… such a shame it didnt make it as a regular track, its become a favorite of mine.

  11. Anthony

    I don’t remember hearing that interpol song on ‘our love to admire’ is that a b-side or hidden track?

  12. Candy Minx

    A perfect playlist for a Friday evening…I’ve got a little glass of wine…and am blaring these songs one after another…making my weekend a great beginning. I hope y’all are having a wonderful summer and lots of fun and emotions and good friends!

    Thinking of you,

  13. Colin

    Your blog in general is beautiful, I’m not sure how you discover all the amazing things you do but it’s overwhelmingly, very much appreciated.

  14. Kat

    um magnífico blog nova iorquino que mistura musica alternativa e arte.
    muito bom, visitem!

  15. Beth

    Just gorgeous. Have you heard ‘Save Yourself’ by Lowgold? Well worth digging out – or let us know and we’ll post it.