screaming at the top of my lungs but it’s out of my range

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Wipe off your tears

Pick up your feet

Cause you got miles

and miles

and miles

and miles to go yet

If anyone makes you feel, you’ve been waiting too long

Oh, I’ve been waiting for you, I been waiting for you

If you hold on to your love, it might not be coming back

Hold on to your love, it might not be coming back


As with many of the musicians in this blog, words cannot properly describe the powerful music of Griffin House. The song “Waterfall” has been in heavy rotation on my playlist for over a year now and I still get chills in my every nerve ending when the clarity of his falsetto penetrates my speakers. It’s not just the melody, it’s not just the lyrics, it’s not just his voice- it’s the perfect harmony of all these things together.

“I feel like words are guests who are knocking at your door and you either let them in or turn them away.” -Griffin House

It never ceases to amaze me how a musician can seem to tap into your inner reserves of emotion and drag them all to the surface. I don’t know why I still find it incredible that no matter how many times I hear the same song, it can still bring me to tears every single time. There’s a kind of naked honesty evoked by an acoustic that no other instrument seems to capture.

Thank you, Griffin House. Thank you for knowing the chords that perfectly echo the sting of lovesickness.

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Baby is he all that you dreamed?
I think about you every night that I go to sleep
You’re laying there wrapped up in his arms
How we used to be
Are you seriously falling in love?
Or do you do it just to get back at me?
I deserve to take it I guess, I just wish we could be
Tell me a lie, if it’s true
Have you done all the things I never wanted to do?

((Tell Me a Lie))