see you sometime.

…in a bathroom in paris we found ourselves. steamed up windows, infinite rainy days, the kettle’s constant hiss and the weary moan of a dying ambulance summoned songs from another time…

sierra and bianca cassidy of cocorosie are formerly estranged sisters that bonded over music. together they have created a delicate taste of folk and trip hop mixed within some strange sad darkness surviving through their own mysterious journey of drifting, conscious unfulfilled regrets, fantasies and memories.

in 2005, believer magazine issued a cd full of amazing covers by amazing artists. cocorosie gave their own spellbinding sound to the melancholy story-telling of damien jurado‘s ohio.

i ask where she’s headed she tells me,
“ohio, ive not seen my mother in ages
its been a long time, a real long time.”

listen ~*~

damien jurado :: ohio
[rehearsals for departure 1999]

coco rosie :: ohio
[believer magazine summer 2005]