Shameboy :: “Trippin (ft. Max Marshall)”

Leslie Ann O'Dell

If I take you, will you trip me out
And make me feel alright?


Shameboy is Belgian producer Luuk Cox, a young collaborator that has worked with many artists such as Kelis, Stromae, Girls in Hawaii over the past decade.  His latest project has been creating his own original styles into a forthcoming debut. Shameboy’s newest single “Trippin” features the soft vocals of London-based songstress Max Marshall, providing a relaxed downtempo feel with an addictive groove of electronic-pop that will easily make you want to play it over and over again.

Shameboy (ft. Max Marshall) – “Trippin”



Shameboy – Trippin ft. Max Marshall (Christopher Norman Remix)

Christopher Norman steps up the tempo a bit and adds in his own beats and special effects that create a complimentary edit.


(Artwork by Leslie Ann O’Dell)