Sia :: Bird Set Free (The Golden Pony Remix)


Producers The Golden Pony reworked Sia’s emotional “Bird Set Free” with a backdrop of warm, tropical reggae tones that provide an uptempo vibe to the somber and intense nature of the song.

“One of our favorite things about doing remixes is getting to hear the acapellas of some of music’s biggest artists. Once you strip away all the music and production from a singer like Sia you get to really hear her raw emotion and talent, it’s truly amazing! – The Golden Pony

L I  S T E N

+++ Sia :: Bird Set Free (The Golden Pony Remix) +++


“Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – Lewis Carroll

For almost twenty years I’ve lived in the Sierra Foothills. My home has a tree house view of the world that has made nature an integral part of my life and my art. The metamorphosis of seasons and the cycles of life and death are reoccurring elements. A collection of curiosities, along with my love of fairy tales, Art Nouveau and Old Hollywood Glamour have also found their way into my art.

I paint primarily in transparent watercolor, layering luminous glazes of pure hue to give everything a candy coat of Easter-like color.  – Tracy Lewis