silence silence silence…

life’s greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved.

[victor hugo, 1802]

christen kojnok

i’d risen this morning determined to break
the spell of my longing and not to think

i freed myself from my family
i freed myself from work
freed myself
i freed myself
and remained alone

Christen Kojnok

L I S T E N Silence by PJ Harvey [White Chalk, 2007]

A R T W O R K Christen Kojnok

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2 Responses

  1. musicisart

    yr photos are beautiful and fit “silence” so well. this song has been inside my head all weekend long, it feels so comforting and powerful at the same time. thank you so much for sharing yr work and yr kind words.

  2. kat

    i couldn’t get this song out of my head one evening. all i wanted to do was put it on repeat and let pj’s voice slide through my veins. these moods i try to channel into some kind of art.. was what resulted that night.

    thank you for this blog. i’ve discovered so much amazing music thanks to you. i rarely comment but i look forward to every entry. just know that what you do is so much appreciated. thank you.