silently we both felt powerful

a record that has been apart of my favorites for the past few years is the glow pt. 2 by the microphones. sincerely, whenever its getting towards the mid-end of summer… i take this out and dream about the fall. something visually comes alive in the music .. new changes, new beginnings, all those different colors of leaves, cool-warm air breezes… and that good feeling like yr able to breathe and start all over once again. for those who need some good ole inspiration, this is truly a beautiful low-fi homemade masterpiece.

from olympia washington, the microphones is all inside the creativity of one man, phil elvrum. completely full of delicate acoustic guitars, flashes of cello, horns, distorted drums and haunting organs, the music provides some of the most fragile and flawless sound driven experiments tested. unafraid to show feelings that range from melancholy to pure bliss, phil’s lyrical quality is absolutely poetic building cold tension into passionate release.

without any further hesitation, the song that left a first impression was “the glow pt. 2” sharing a personal reflection of the afterglow of depression and being let in to feel every lil piece. every time i listen, these familiar emotions runaround inside of me. always sitting in a humbled silence towards the end, i cant help but cry and laugh at the same time, needing to repeat this song over and over and over again.

“i took my shirt off in the yard. no one saw that the skin on my shoulders was golden. now it’s not, my shirt’s back on.i forgot my songs. the glow is gone. my gliding body stopped.
i could not get through september without a battle. i faced death, i went in with my arms swinging. but i heard my own breath and had to face that i’m still living.

i’m still flesh. i hold on to awful feelings. i’m not dead, there’s no end. my face is red. my blood flows harshly. my heart beats loudly. my chest still draws breath.. i hold it, i’m buoyant. there’s no end.”

overall, throughout this entire magical album is an adventurous rollercoaster ride that works on an absolute sense of story-telling perfection. it is highly recommended and intended to be heard through a pair of headphones, just so you may notice the lil details of imperfections and special sounds moving from ear to ear. for some, it may take several listens to completely understand the genuine beauty and for others, they may immediately turn it off, never looking back.

however, if yr in the mood to give into something meaningful…. please, please, please take a chance and experience this.

3 Responses

  1. Richard

    Phil Elv(e)rum can write some great music. Have you heard the No Flashlight record by his current incarnation Mount Eerie? The record is much more sparse than The Glow Pt. 2 but it has some really amazing builds and subtle payoffs. I went through a whole period where the Microphones/Mount Eerie is all I listened to. Great stuff. Great post.

  2. Paul

    hello musicisart! long time reader, first time commenter. I definitely love the unique approach all of you take with blogging, it’s really refreshing. I just wanted to say keep up the good work here 🙂

  3. Bushwick is Beautiful

    I like the way the guitar shakes from side to side of my headphones. You turned me onto these songs sometime ago, and i happy you brang them back into the spotlight. Powerful on all levels.