six feet under marathons

there is nothing better than starting your saturday morning off right. after a cup of coffee and a nice calm walk around the park or perhaps its one of those peaceful rainy days in bed, a favorite way to spend this special time is watching a 4 episode mini marathon of six feet under. thanks to the bravo network, its possible to catch up on lost seasons and reflect again on all the tiny details that made this show feel so captivating.for those on the unknown, six feet under was simply a special five-season, dark hbo tv drama based on the over-thinking and analyzations of relationships inbetween life, love and death. still in the midst of repeat watching, its important to remember just how good this series was and still is.

even though some episodes may have been seen twenty times already, its always calmly refreshing and new. just like the feeling of listening to your favorite musicians, how the second, third and fourth time of a song repeats, hypnotic bass lines or a underlining harmony appears different than the first listen. in six feet under, theres something so easy to innocently notice as each creative scene appears and inspiration runs off in new directions. its all in the way certain pieces become such an integral part while they attach and speak so personally to the human mind. this comforting endless satisfaction of being fueled by technicolor visual media proves strong especially when these sounds and ideas actually have true emotional meaning behind them; thats what i feel, especially love and believe in. different messages may appear more complex to some but for myself, watching this show fulfills an overall experience that provides a secret yearning to keep forever searching and always want more.

at the end of season 4, david wakes to find his late father smoking a cigarette near the bedroom window. unknowingly, together they share in a conversation showing a type of compassion that silently portrays the feeling of tragedy mixed within unknown strength.

Nate Sr: You were brave to face him.

David: Not really. There was a guard.

Nate Sr: Doesn’t matter. [Pause] I’m proud of ya.

David: I thought it would set me free but it…didn’t change anything. Except now I know he really is insane.

Nate Sr: You’re missing the point.

David: There is no point. That’s the point. [Nate Sr. Sighs] Isn’t it?

Nate Sr: Don’t give me this phony existential bullshit. I expect better from you. The point’s right in front of your face.

David: Well I’m sorry, but I don’t see it.

Nate Sr: You’re not even grateful, are ya?

David: Grateful? For the worst fucking experience of my life?

Nate Sr: You hang on to your pain like it means something. Like it’s worth something. Well let me tell ya, it’s not worth shit. Let it go. [Talking to the air] Infinite possibilites and all he can do is whine.

David: Well what am I supposed to do?

Nate Sr: What do ya think? You can do anything ya lucky bastard, you’re alive! What’s a little pain compared to that?

David: [Sigh] It can’t be so simple.

Nate Sr: What if it is?

episode 35 the opening
nate and brenda check out billy’s artwork
and joke about how they’ve evolved.
song: hayling [machine says yes, 2002]
artist: fc kahuna

episode 27 perfect circles
for art class, claire practices drawing a perfect circle.
song: little miss more or less [on your side, 2004]
artist: magnet

episode 8 crossroads
david and keith have dinner together and talk.
song: whose blues [the magic dragon, 2003]
artist: caia

episode 31 the trap
nate browses for CDs at a record store and has a fantasy that lisa has discovered him spending $$$ outside their budget.
song: obstacle 2 [turn on the bright lights, 2002]
artist: interpol

episode 13 knock knock
baby augusto’s christening, nate is at peace with his family.
song: mis dos pequenas [cachaito, 2001]
artist: orlando “cachaito” lopez

episode 4 familia
at the bowling alley, david and keith hang out.
song: life on a chain [music for the morning after, 2001]
artist: pete yorn

episode 21 its the most wonderful time of the year
nate is given the keys to jessie’s motorcycle
and zooms off down the pacific coast…
song: don’t fear the reaper [best of… 2000]
artist: blue oyster cult

episode 22 someone elses eye
after an argument with her brother billy,
brenda is highly distressed and starts to go through
and rip up phone numbers of men she has recently met.
song: souljacker (part 1) [souljacker 2004]
artist: eels

episode 13 knock knock
brenda wants nate to join her on a visit to billy in the hospital.
song: pauline [thrill, space baby, 2000]
artist: eleni mandell

episode 20 back to the garden
the morning after a party at her aunt sarah’s topanga canyon house, claire finds her cooking belgian waffles and listening to this song. later when she arrives back at the funeral home, claire sees another side of her mother, when she sees her singing along to the tape which was given to her by her aunt…continues over end credits.
song: woodstock [ladies of the canyon 1970]
artist: joni mitchell

all photography by claire fisher

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14 Responses

  1. Lou

    I have to say I’m really impressed with your posts and blog overall. I stumbled on your site accidentally but am now happy I did. I’ll be stopping in to read more often now. Thanks again !

  2. sarah

    Danielle! I almost posted these same pictures on your MySpace yesterday. I clicked “post” and got all these MySpace errors.

    We think alike.

    ..and apparently so does Claire. ;]

  3. Whitedove1

    I <3 SFU and I appreciate every SFU post on Music Is Art.

    This show made such an impact upon my soul. I will never be able to shake it.

  4. music is art

    i too would cry many times after watching six feet under, it just does something to my heart. makes me feel so high and low at the same time..

  5. thehealingroom

    Hope its not too late to add my praise.
    Six Feet Under was sometimes so good that I cried at the beauty of it.
    Indeed, I love seeing posts about this exceptional show!!
    I’m with ya!

  6. music is art

    awww… if you have BRAVO, you may watch sfu mondays @ 9pm/8c! dont forget saturday mornings as well 😀

  7. Paul

    I don’t know how many times i’ve been told that I NEED to rent the dvds for this. I’ve only watched a couple of episodes during it’s run on HBO, which makes me a terrible person i know 🙁

  8. Anonymous

    love this post. love the show too-havent gotten past season 3 yet though-it’s way to depressing for me to watch during the winter, especially since i watch them in big chunks (dvd’s) so i feel all mopey afterwards

  9. music is art

    haha squashie. no vacation mode… maybe a lil autopilot… but im still here 🙂