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So, the Pavement reunion. I should start by saying they are by far my favorite band. Wowee Zowee is my favourite album of all time, and ‘Rattled By The Rush’ is my favorite song of all time. While a band like Radiohead’s brilliance comes from studio diligence and priding themselves on hard work in the studio, Pavement immerse themselves in spontaneous creativity. I think this might be part of the reason why I can honestly say there isn’t a single Pavement song I don’t like, and that includes B-sides and studio outtakes.

a voice coach taught me to sing
he couldn’t
teach me to love

The combination of Stephen Malkmus’s breaking guitar tone and sideways singing draw me in and kept me hooked – he can be ironic and earnest at the same time. For me, Pavement do everything a great band should: catchy melodies, equally memorable guitars, quirks that only reveal themselves upon repeated listening, and lyrics that you want to quote to all of your friends. ‘The Sutcliffe Catering Song’ is a great example: it was possibly written in five minutes, the lyrics are probably meaningless, but the sound is so unique that it could only be Pavement. I encourage any fanboy/fangirl comments in the comment section for this post, and I’m even going to add my fantasy setlist for the reunion shows.

pavement perfect sound forever

LISTEN: Pavement The Sutcliffe Catering Song (Peel session)

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  1. Kenicky Chen

    My fantasy Pavement setlist:

    Summer Babe (Winter Version)
    Blue Hawaiian.
    Kentucky Cocktail
    Father To A Sister Of Thought
    AT & T
    Lions (Linden)
    Cut Your Hair
    Roll With The Wind
    Easily Fooled
    Half A Canyon
    Carrot Rope
    Range Life
    Texas Never Whispers
    Fame Throwa
    Debris Slide
    Spit On A Stranger

    False Scorpion
    Rattled By The Rush
    Black Out
    Filmore Jive