slowly it comes around again

“this is my favorite singer-songwriter in all of nyc. i’m so happy to be alive at the same time she is because i get to see her perform. it’s her and guitar or her and piano or her and harmonium. her lyrics are so good, when i play this for people they stop doing everything and are quiet for hours after.”
~ devendra banhart

in another world, deep inside of a dark room with good acoustics and glowing candlelight, diane cluck is alone with her guitar.

close yr eyes.

diane’s lyrics and overall repetition of pure words to tones of different phrases touches my heart. the way she presents herself is different: she does not seek to promote or sell her music, her hope is that only a select few will somehow find her, listen and.. understand. and i do.

listen to ~*~ the turnaround road, im yr here-i-am

wnyc live broadcast dec 2004

the weeks have been hazy
but something is changing
i watch the sun convinced

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