Small Black :: Best Blues

Brooke Shaden Photography

The inspiration behind the new album “Best Blues” starts with Small Black‘s frontman, Josh Kolenik who began the project as a catharsis from the aftermath of 2012’s Hurricane Sandy. Josh found himself cleaning up the broken and water damaged pieces of his father’s Long Island home, and discovering fragments of his family’s history that made his imagination run wild. One of the beautiful images found by Josh Kolenik during that hard time and taken ages ago by his father is of a woman walking on a beach. The picture may be found as the cover of Small Black’s album Best Blues set to be released October 16th on Jagjaguwar. The colors of memory are pastel, hazy, and softly reminiscent of a history found under water.. yet still never forgotten.

“In the melting boxes and floating Sega Genesis games, I found a slew of images and letters of my parents that I’d never seen before — stuff that maybe nobody had seen in 20 to 30 years. I didn’t know who a lot of the figures in the photos were, or who the letters were to, so I spent a week out there trying to preserve and figure out the story. I scanned all of them, bay bottom residue and all, and attempted to solve the mystery that often eludes, even as it’s right there in front of us: Where did I come from? Who made me? This whole experience is the direct inspiration for the lyrics of ‘Boys Life’ — putting ourselves in the shoes of our parents and seeing our similarities across our different eras.”

– Josh Kolenik (NY Times Interview)

Artwork by Brooke Shaden Photography