smile pretty & watch your back.

i broke down in louisiana
and i had to thumb a ride
got in the first car that pulled over
(you can’t be picky in the middle of the night)

he said.. baby
do you like to fool around
he said.. baby
do you like to be touched
i said..
maybe some other time

fuck you very much.

every state line

music & lyrics by
ani difranco [in living clip, 1997]
artwork by yanilab

4 Responses

  1. mjrc

    d, you are on a roll here! i just raided your last few posts. : ) hope all is well.

  2. musicisart

    aww callie, thankyou for the beautiful comment.
    i love ani’s strength in this song 🙂
    it means alot in so many different ways.

  3. Callie

    I consider myself musically intelligent when I already have one of the songs posted.

    Ani is amazing. This song is, always has, and always will be incredible.

    And, thank you for this blog. I love every inch, every aspect, every facet of it.