snow angels.

Snow Angels is a gathering of ten young artists from around the world that are all quickly making a name for themselves in the burgeoning new contemporary art movement. Snow Angels helps serve as a great introduction to many of the new artists that will be filling thinkspace gallery’s walls over the coming year.

caia koopman

angelina wrona

catherine brooks

kelly vivanco

tina anderson


lilly piri

sophia pottish

jeaneen carlino

stella im hultberg

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los angeles

4 Responses

  1. musicisart

    thankyou so much — m. heart 🙂 im so glad you enjoyed bonobo and goldfrapp… truly two favorites of mine. such beautiful music to listen to!

  2. m. heart

    wow, i am always inspired by a visit to your blog. i’ve bought several albums in the past couple of months based on your posts (goldfrapp and bobobo) and love them. thanks and keep up the great work!