so you cast your shadow everywhere…

one of my favorite albums of elliott smith‘s is roman candle. this was his first solo album created on a four track inside the portland, oregon basement of his ex-girlfriend’s. its as if elliott is sitting right in front of you playing just his guitar in a small darkly lit room and yr the only one there. from someone so shy and unassuming, all his tiny lil whispers emit more power than comfortable silence does alone. when i listen to this, an overwhelming sadness just runs around inside of me and i want to linger there forever and ever.

you know that feeling when yr listening to something for the first time and it immediately just feels like home?

im a roman candle
my head is
full of flames

i want to hurt him
i want to hurt him
i want to hurt him
i want to give him pain
and make him feel this pretty burn

drawing by katie skelly

2 Responses

  1. dave

    you should check out To Bob Ross With Love off Gym Class Heroes’ FBR LP, The Papercut Chronicles.