SOHN :: New! Signal + Extra Magic Featuring BANKS, HONNE, KWABS


Photo: Amelia Troubridge // Vogue

This summer UK producer & artist SOHN released a new song titled “Signal” featuring his sonic synths, electronic peaks of instrumentation that bring along his soft but powerful dark vocals to a place that feels safe like home.

SOHN‘s Signal was supported by an intense video featuring the actress Milla Jovovich.



Artwork by Kyle Thompson Photography

Artwork by Kyle Thompson Photography

While anticipating SOHN’s sophomore release after his magnetic debut Tremors, SOHN (the artist chooses this to be his real and only name) has been busy producing his friends’ latest work:


BANKS :: Gemini Feed

Together SOHN and BANKS create magic. On their first single “Waiting Game” mixed with those sultry vocals by BANKS and that soulful electronic production by SOHN, it became everyone’s favorite track of 2013. Now 3 years later, the two are back to bring a similar magical energy in BANKS’ new single “Gemini Feed” off her upcoming album The Altar.



HONNE :: Gone Are The Days

East London old friends Andy and James of the classic soul duo HONNE were signed to Super Recordings, the label that launched AlunaGeorge and Bondax, way before their debut single was even released as they knew Honne’s music would be the next new sound. The rework by SOHN takes Honne’s single “Gone Are the Days” into gorgeous drawn out synths that wrap around the rasp of Honne’s vocals and turn it into a soundtrack filled with emotionally intense highs and lows.



KWABS :: Look Over your Shoulder

Neo-soul London based singer KWABS never thought his music would be heard until he was discovered on Youtube. SOHN reached out to collaborate, and Kwab’s first single “Last Stand” was poetic and powerful in every sense of the word. Together the two were dubbed as creating the genre “Synth&B.” On Kwab’s latest single “Look Over Your Shoulder” an extra layer of gold is added to KWABS soulful vocals and SOHN’s rich production elegantly merges electronic funk with R&B soul.