something else been moving me

diane cluck is one of those magicians=musicians that goes straight to my soul. every time she creates something, im instantly drawn to it. the quietness reminds me of being left alone and silent in an empty church, the way she so elegantly stands there and sings with her guitar. its as if yr naturally always wondering why yr where you are but this time it feels like home. devendra, antony, nomi, cocorosie and my brightest diamond understand how i feel. as they too believe so much class comes from this woman’s music. at a time when our world seems anything but im always searching for those that may have some type of different hope.

diane cluck recently handwrapped her new album monarcana in brown paper and sent it to me. as with anything she has ever made, im beyond inspired and truly thankful for what she shares.

[from monarcana 2006]

i ain’t sure that
i ain’t ever been a reveller before
cos when i sway i sway like i know how

be sure to see these handmade videos too..

art :: ken dougherty

4 Responses

  1. mjrc

    did you know that i live near a covered bridge that looks exactly like that? i live out in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere, it’s true, but it’s beautiful nonetheless. : )

  2. music is art

    thankyou. im glad to know theres other people who appreciate her… that reveller dance video is beautiful… i love it 🙂

  3. botequineira

    Wow… Yeah… Diane Cluck sure’s been moving me these days (meaning weeks – can’t seem to let go).
    Didn’t know about the videos though. Thank you. That one for reveller is soo cool.