something is wrong

i went back to ohio
but my family was gone.

the pretenders
my city was gone

i ask where she’s headed
she tells me, “ohio, i’ve not seen my mother in ages
it’s been a long timea real long time.

damien jurado

i took her by her golden curls
and drug her down to the river-side
and there i threw her into drown
and i watched her as she floated down

johnny cash & june carter
banks of ohio

what if you knew her
and found her dead on the ground,
how can you run when you know?

crosby stills nash & young
four dead in ohio

sorry that
i could never love you back
i could never care enough
in these last days

sun kil moon
carry me ohio

our hearts are used up
cracked and dry
pulled the scabs off of regrets
we haven’t learned to read our conscience yet
truly sorry, i see clearly

modest mouse